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A variety of beautiful comfortable and stylish shoes


This year the popular tide shoes

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 12:19AM by mafashionshoes 0 Comments -

<span id="result_box" lang="en">Retro platform shoes

Hot brands: Prada iiJin

Jeffrey Campbell

With clothes: bell bottoms mini skirt

Platform shoes (also known as platform shoes, dwarf music), this seemingly bizarre high heels shoes is the originator. It was born in the 15th century French court, over the centuries can be described as timeless, because the frequency of platform shoes 90's too much out of favor. One another for 20 years, 90 years of shoes that actually Huihun return to popular (again advise you not to throw away any pair of shoes). Aside increased stealth advantage can not say a good walk, a little girl to wear this "weight" of the shoes is pulling the wind, unique neutral United States.</span>

<span style="font-size: medium;" id="result_box" lang="en">Wedge platform shoes

Mostly straw, flax and leather and other new material for the sole use of the slope with the original heavy platform shoes also allow a more spiritual, but also for the beauty around Jie highly successful girls' burdens. "</span>

Eva - Mendes

Fresh floral designs unique romantic style dress, with nude models color straps platform shoes, more seductive. Take significant steps, chic street shooting lens into it.

Claudia - Chevron

Denim pencil skirt with a white shirt with a summer, skillfully outlines the model Claudia a good figure. Nude wedge heel and upper body of the echo increase with highlights.

Thick wood at the end of the water table

Thick water table designed to make you more stable gait, with the upper ankle straps designed to balance the ratio of the line more than make your legs more and more slender.
Mischa - Barton
Cute skirt blue silk jumpsuit, if with a stiletto, but not bright and generous style though. Cleverly put on thick bright yellow clogs the water table, focused, once fashionable shape up.
Kete Ni - Kadai Shan
This exaggerated thick lines on the water table high-heeled with a mini-shorts or short paragraph, showed the slender legs, a strong gas market is called. Turquoise necklace and sunglasses for style points.
Sexy high heels</p>

Hot brands: jimmy choo

Sergio Rossi MIU MIU

With clothes: shorts skirt jumpsuit

<p> Obsession with a woman on high heels in that famous fashion department series "Sex and the city" has been expressed most vividly. Each quarter the endless variety of new shoes, always the temptation to release them to the signal. This season's trend of high heels is more enchanting, a collection of sexy, elegant, gorgeous, and other feminine elements in one, apart from to get their big love lady. Also allows the boys from the complaints of platform shoes (they never understand this fashion) recovered, see them all.
Small fish head high-heeled</p> <p> Open-toed shoes of the season be doing my main style. Looming, the right of bare female feet show the most sexy and elegant arc.
Liv - Tyler
Dot Jumpsuit skirt is retro to go, fish head with red high heels, the influx of people sunglasses, sexy and charming. Liv - Tyler always used the most simple dress highlight stuff temperament.
Eva - Longoria
Blue Short Set capable comparable Victoria, a small fish head with black suede high heels, very royal sister gas field, is a set of formal style of dress yet.
Hollow heeled
Summer is taken for granted, "exposed skin season," even the playing hollow design shoes, sexy high heels so carved into the upper works of art for granted, you certainly would not miss trendy.
Sophie - Simmons

Hollow heels pink color is bright spot where the body shape, a particularly against the background of one pair of legs white.
Meteoric rise in crude high-heeled summer of 2011, the original T-walk fine line has also undergone a slight change in high-heeled shoes, T-zone with thicker heel widening, and spend a suede and other leather, emitting a thick retro style.
Tall figure with a white jumpsuit dress tight dress to set off, the line is very prominent, color matched with the contract continues the T-heeled ladies body style.


Global most precious original creation jewelry high-heeled shoes

Mon, 08/01/2011 - 2:51AM by mafashionshoes 0 Comments -

<span style="font-size: medium;" id="result_box" lang="en">Chopard and the Italian footwear designer Giuseppe Zanotti co-authored a novel and original works of jewelry, including a pair of high heels and jewelry decorated with matching earrings fine jewelry. May 19, which is the beauty of the world's most precious shoes in glamorous supermodel Anja Rubik Yuzu on, shine on the red carpet at amfAR. This shoe is still followed by the U.S. charity auction went for 140,000 euros amazing high.

The Jewelry Giuseppe Zanotti and Chopin works by the two workshops together, set a number of jeweler, gem cutters and shoe division of power, consuming hundreds of hours of carefully orchestrated. This pair of pink satin heels with decorative stones dizzying 12.5 cm high-heeled, 600 well-arranged, the different shades of pink teardrop-shaped cut gems make it more bright, precious stones total weight of a staggering 360 kt , Department of rose gold ankle belt inlaid with red tourmaline, pink corundum, diamonds and rubies, clever and full of interesting design so that it can be taken down, for the beautiful bracelet worn alone. Other parts of the shoe straps are decorated with teardrop-shaped cut stones directly. In line with the principle of red carpet dress, perfect to play Chopin to further creativity, making a pair of charming and moving the ring-type earrings, inlaid with teardrop-shaped heels with cut stones paragraph.

15 years, Giuseppe Zanotti has been a much sought after celebrity shoes designer famous one. "I have always loved jewelry, antique jewelry collection like I am very enthusiastic to charity, so this idea of cooperation with the Chopin immediately attracted my attention." Giuseppe Zanotti said, "Over the years I have been held in support of AmFAR activities, the event once again inspired me new inspiration for me a dream stage: that is to create the most valuable ever to attain fairy shoe ... "</span>

This pair of pink satin heels with decorative stones dizzying 12.5 cm high-heeled.

600 well-arranged, the different shades of pink teardrop-shaped cut gems make it more bright, a staggering total weight of stones 360 carats.

Department of rose gold ankle belt inlaid with red tourmaline, pink corundum, diamonds and rubies, clever and full of interesting design so that it can be taken down, for the beautiful bracelet worn alone.


Rupert Sanderson---12 simple and high heels

Mon, 08/01/2011 - 2:28AM by mafashionshoes 0 Comments -

Rupert Sanderson's new 12 high heels, fashion can not help but think of those beautiful female white-collar workers. Simple lines, are often able to build the most classic style. Whether it is sweet and light-colored, or the range of children snakeskin pattern royal sister, which one is your love it?


Graceful fairy shoe Christian Louboutin neon shoes

Thu, 07/28/2011 - 2:57AM by mafashionshoes 0 Comments -

Christian Louboutin always has that touch of red can not resist the temptation to spring and summer 2011 “Hentian high” to continue with 8cm heel to promote a more slender sexy and gorgeous. Pointed black high heels on the bow and accompanied by sharp rivets, enchanting encounter wild snake pattern, color printing, candy-colored lace high heels with a Lolita-style allure, crushing the gem-studded blue color “neon shoes” is the word “amazing” to describe. Each two-cents worth a careful appreciation of the graceful shoe, which one you most heart?



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Summer sandals foot care rules

Fri, 07/22/2011 - 4:48AM by mafashionshoes 0 Comments -

Many times you do not realize how bad you make of it: selection of high heels, your life, when practicing yoga, relaxing foot when the sweat running all the time ... they may because of your carelessness ordeal . 5 feet, not on daily life "friendly" error, want to wear sandals in the summer of Mimi? It is time to take good care of them anymore.

<span id="result_box" class="long_text" lang="en">Error one: the shoes did not fit

How many people squeezed into the small feet for a beautiful and a yard shoes? Cheap shoes, uncomfortable shoes, the shoes do not fit, choose the wrong shoes can cause a lifetime of continued problems. This is not sensational, not shoes may cause foot stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, tapered toe, Farm bursitis, etc., so be sure to carefully select shoes.

Do not like shoes on a beautiful double grievances on their own feet, here are some principles that should choose shoes: heels should be solid, not shake distortion. New York, foot specialist Johanna Youner doctor told us: "Look at your shoes, look at your feet, if they do not match, you should not wear such shoes."

For those who like Christian Louboutin's ladies, we have bad news: appointments or party wear 5 inch heels is no problem, but should not be wearing long, walking around wearing very conducive to the foot health. Well, we know you can not give up the temptation, but may wish to put a pair of soft bottom bag ballet shoes, you can occasionally put to the foot relaxed.</span>

<span style="font-size: medium;" id="result_box" class="long_text" lang="en">Error II: irregular Foot

Foot can be relaxing, but also a winter cover your feet to see people again. But failed to bring the foot Foot Museum bacteria may cause more problems, such as endogenous or nail infections.

If such a problem, do not go to Foot salon, and to see a doctor before the situation deteriorated. Avoid such problems first and foremost principle is to choose a regular foot body, and the best care to bring their own tools. If you worry about health problems, home to the feet, apply some Bacillus subtilis antibiotics.</span>

<span style="font-size: medium;" id="result_box" class="long_text" lang="en">Error Three: hidden ambush yoga blanket

Yoga blanket plantar warts, but the notorious disseminators (verruca vulgaris in the bottom of the foot, due to virus infection, can damage the skin's tiny self-inoculation infection), sweat caused by wet conditions conducive to spread of warts class, especially the public the blanket is more likely to cause athlete's foot and plantar warts.

We are not accusing us poor hygiene, but because human beings are the main carrier of the spread of wart type. So bring your own yoga mat, or prepared a pair of socks, and then into the yoga world, it's ecstasy.</span>

<span style="font-size: medium;" id="result_box" class="long_text" lang="en">Error 4: Note the water vapor

Athlete's foot and other foot problems are to thrive in moist, so you must ensure that the foot dry. If you need to shower after exercise, then remember to bring flip-drag, do not take do not have to panic, you can rub some alcohol in the feet to keep it dry.

Shoes should also ensure that the foot dry and the most effective way is to sprinkle some corn starch shoe, it can isolate all the harmful bacteria in the foot, booted neutrons are particularly important.</span>

<span style="font-size: medium;" id="result_box" class="long_text" lang="en">Error Five: Movement time Xiapao

Of course, exercise is a very good habit, but the repeated high-intensity exercise may have your foot (and knee) damage, in particular, especially if you do not wear proper sports shoes.

Running, too, because the toe will be repeated contact with the ground, it may cause congestion toenails, foot doctor is a marathon in the most contact with the case. If this happens, the need for early treatment to avoid nails off, or toes can no longer normal growth of the.</span>



Vitamin E Foot Cream

Just rub off dead skin of feet, delicate skin exposed more in need of protection, and quickly coated with vitamin E-rich foot cream. Vaseline will only make the skin smooth, but not moisture, vitamin E is an antioxidant that can help you stay away from a variety of injuries, but also to maintain soft skin and nail health. Try Sally Hansen Foot milk (Figure 5, RMB 75/113g), rich in vitamins A, C, E and tea tree oil, lasting nourishing, soothing foot.

Do not walk barefoot on the floor<span style="font-size: medium;" id="result_box" class="long_text" lang="en">

Walking barefoot on the ground, will lead to moisture loss and thus drier, put on film to give your feet enough moisture at the same time to be a spa. We recommend Scholl Hydrating Foot Masque (Figure 1, RMB 55 / pair), washed the feet dry, and if the socks will be enough to film sets as in the feet, can be used stand walking. 20 minutes later, delicate feet became smooth. Borghese youth or full membrane repair (Figure 7, RMB 630 / pair), but apparently, this cost is less that high.</span>


This beautiful high-heeled shoes can be reconciled through health

Thu, 07/21/2011 - 4:47AM by mafashionshoes 0 Comments -

High heels make women better undoubtedly demonstrated its beautiful body, although not very comfortable, many women still on the "Hentian high" let them go, stepping on them all day, flip-life. In fact, high heels more or less impact on health and body, then in the end how should we choose, how to wear their own shoes? Here we explore the heels of just learning, and the right to wear high-heeled method of shoes!

<span id="result_box" lang="en">Under normal circumstances, the heel height of shoes suitable for wear in the feet, the weight of the body burden of the whole foot. Because of the high heel high heels are not ergonomic design, coupled with the front Jinzhai, after wearing high heels, the body will lean forward, the body weight fell on the feet, toes and not focus on the force uniform, while the aponeurosis before and after the foot and heel connected with the tarsal bones, due to wearing high heels so that the palm out of balance, undermined the normal gravity load transmission line involved the knees and waist, under pressure, if not pay attention, not only cause the foot pain, sprains, falls, etc., but also often leads to the metatarsophalangeal joint deformity, metatarsal fracture and back pain and other symptoms, affects more serious walking activities.

This is because wearing high heels in order to maintain balance, lower body muscles for a long time in a state of tension caused by excessive local pain, weakness, then prone to sprains, serious and even result in medial and lateral malleolus fractures. Another Achilles heel position compression tension, increase opportunities for sprains, and even lead to Achilles tendinitis.</span>


<span style="font-size: medium;" id="result_box" lang="en">Do not wear high heels, foot pain tips

Buy new shoes, always wear foot wear, even hundreds of brand-name a thousand times as well. Now teach you a few tips to help relieve foot wear new shoes, flip distress!

First of all, the most likely to wear new shoes foot in two places, one heel, one toe outside -

1 with a wet towel to cover parts of shoes wear a few minutes, and then let the block dry soft towel wrap the feet of the place, struck with a hammer a few, where the tap shoes foot wear flat, soft leather shoes and they will not wear flat feet.

2. Take a newspaper and pinch into a ball, moistened with water, not too wet, but to the whole group are away from water, and then let dry paper wrapped around the wet sheets of newspaper stuffed in crowded parts of the foot, then shoes sealed in a plastic bag, overnight, on it.

3 If the new shoes are too small pinch, might cover with a wet towel wet, and then stretch wedge shoes, wear on the smooth feet.

4 shoes to wear before, acquire a block of soap (usually with candles can also be) the most contact with the heel portion of a thin layer of cast, the heel will therefore not become smooth and foot wear.</span>